About Us


When you need accurate replacement parts Fast, We are here for you! We offer exceptional support before and after the sale. Contact us and see the difference. Most items ship out Same Day via USPS Priority Mail with 2-3 Day Delivery. 60 day no-hassle free returns.

Dream PC started as a computer repair shop offering business and residential I.T. Services. Dream PC has grown a presence with online eCommerce sales specializing in Computer Power Supply Replacement.

With 15+ years of Certified I.T. experience and 20,000+ online transactions we have learned much about computer power supplies and the issues that technicians can face when sourcing a proper replacement PSU.

In September 2016, Dream PC is proud to announce our new Stratus 400 Watt ATX Power supply. Featuring Specific AC Input plug placement and flush mount for the widest range of fitment, thicker metal, thicker gauge wire, longer cables, additional connectors, dual fans and more.

Dream PC has Certified Technicians on staff to help you with all of your technology needs. We not only resolve your issues, we would like to educate and empower you along the way so that you have an understanding of what we are doing to your computer. If the issues arise again you will have an understanding of what is happening and why. This way you can fix the issue yourself if it happens to occur again.

We don’t try to over-complicate things. We Simplify! We believe that computers are suppose to make life easier, it should be fun and exciting to learn how to simplify your life with the technology that is around us.

We are a proud supporter of the great lakes bay region. We provide support to local businesses and residents with our IT consulting and support. Trust Dream PC with you data, we are a member of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.